The first question we are always asked is ‘Why MAHIDEVRAN?’. There is no hidden meaning - we just liked the word, the way it sounds. It is a name of ancient Asian-Turkic origin that has also Indian roots. In Hinduism, ‘Mahadev’ is associated with God Shiva, also known as ‘The God of all Gods’. Mahidevran in translation from Turkic means ‘the beauty of time’, ‘one whose beauty never fades’.


All of MAHIDEVRAN’s music is written by guitarist and composer Viktor Zheludyakov, best known for his first project Angels & Demons. MAHIDEVRAN is not limited by genres - our music is hard to fit into the frame. There are songs so opposite to each other that it is hard to believe that their authorship belongs to one person. Hard rock? The good old Hard is always present in our songs. Progressive? Yes, please. There are many songs in the so-called alternative style as well. Classic rock ballads, elements of rock and roll, indie - anything you can imagine. Certainly, the palette of emotions in our music is huge.


Every band needs a concept - at least that is what they say. Our concept is life, our lyrics are full of philosophical reflections on its every aspect. There are eternal truths, emotional struggles, personal and global issues among them - the whole world through our eyes. No violence, no vulgarity, no hype. Rock with a human face is our philosophy.


Two people went each their own way. The story of MAHIDEVRAN began shortly after they met. That is why many people are interested in the details of our personal life. The fact is that MAHIDEVRAN is the two of us - two musicians, two partners, a husband and a wife. Our songs reflect our thoughts and experiences in the moment. We do not write songs about things we have not faced. We create music inspired by life itself.

Contact: mahidevran.band@gmail.com